The Caves of Kefalonia: Melissani

Cave lovers will be happy to know there are many caves to go to in Kefalonia. Melissani cave in Kefalonia is among the most critical places for tourists to go to Greece. The cave can be found on the Greek islands of Kefalonia that are close to Sami. It’s easily among the most gorgeous caves in the whole world. This cave is situated in Sami, on the east coast of the island and there’s a blue lake within it. In Greek mythology, it’s called the Cave of the Nymphs. Due to this extremely hot temperature, this cave is comparatively unexplored. The ideal time to go to the cave is in the midst of a bright sunny moment. The channel that connects the 2 halls is extremely narrow. Even scientists and researchers with suitable protective gear can only remain in the cave for 30-45 minutes at a moment.

The Melissani Lake is situated close to the village of Karavomilos but it can be hard to find. The beach is very amazing here. There is a little lake beside a lovely tavern with shade everywhere. Waters get deep when you enter, so maybe it really isn’t the very best for young children.

Drogarati cave is just one of the greatest and most attractive geological formations in the area around Sami as well Kefalonia as a whole. This one does not incorporate a lake but it’s actually an underground cavern.The boats are the sole method to tour the lake.

There are quite a lot of beaches. Antisamos Beach is among the largest beaches on Kefalonia Island, which makes it very popular for swimming, sunbathing and water activities like kayaking and paddle boarding. This beach is nearly within the village of Assos. Ftelia beach is perfect for windsurfing as a result of the strong wind that blows there.

The island is perfect for an immediate contact with nature, in the feeling of both naturism and nudism! It offers you numerous experiences. It is among the most cosmopolitan components of the island with celebrities both Greek and foreign visiting the region. It is situated in the western portion of the island at Palicki, close to the village of Manzanita. The Greek islands aren’t closed during winter time, time does not end there! This famous island attracts tourists all around the world.

Hauntingly beautiful with numerous organic sculptures by countless stalactites, in addition, it constitutes a distinctive geological phenomenon made by water erosion of calcareous rocks. Argostoli itself is a gorgeous town and I strongly advise spending an entire day here exploring. Not only are you going to be in a position to observe the processes behind wine creation, but you will also learn some island history not to mention taste several different kinds of wine in the procedure! It’s well worth tapping into a local understanding of where to eat.

An impressive all-natural wonder is just one of the principal attractions on the gorgeous resort island. One of the primary reasons travelers visit Kefalonia Island is to find the famed Myrtos

Beach! The critical points of this beach are it is sandy and very shallow, making it perfect for young children.

You might have to rent a bike or a car to get there or have a boat. Fortunately, there’s a huge and well-maintained vehicle park so the car shouldn’t be an issue. The drive from Argostoli to Fiskardo is a rather pleasant one with tons of great views.